May 25, 2017
Our Pledge
Jun 14, 2017
We recognize the need to accelerate transformation, economic liberation of the marginalized nursing profession, redress of imbalances created by preferential treatment, discrimination, victimization, oppression and favouritism in the workplace that will curb exodus of nursing practitioners. We recognize the need to afford citizens the access to descent and quality health care as entrenched in the supreme law of the Republic the Constitution act 108 of 1996. We therefore believe that the employer/s must enable the environment for the provision of sufficient and effective health care in an equitable manner to the citizens of the country and beyond. The need to improve the working conditions, job security, support for nursing practitioners to be priority whilst balancing both professionalism and trade unionism remains key without sacrificing our robust challenge to the current unjust health models which seeks to degrade and downgrade nursing as a profession. Therefore, the formation of YOUNG NURSES INDABA TRADE UNION which represents the struggle of thousands of nurses duly constituted to fulfil the vision and mission of Uniting, Empowering Nurses and Restoring the image of our profession, hereby adopts this Constitution willingly for the radical advancement of our profession without fear, favour or prejudice.


  1. Mosele Makgoba says:

    Young Nurses Indaba Trade Union, Nursing liberation movement.

    in you we believe
    in you we trust


  2. Fancy Mtimkulu says:

    YNITU breaking all boarders for Nurse economic liberation and quality health care.

  3. zanele thapeli says:

    Union for the health care providers,by health care providers we are united by our struggles,history is written and I’m grateful to be part of it

  4. Kagisho Kenneth Stoffel says:

    I am glad to finally Know that YNITU has registered as a Trade Union.

  5. Portia Maseko says:

    Radical change now in our life!!!
    “Magwala achechele morao ho ya Rona YNITU”

  6. Siphokazi Platjies says:

    Already submitted my online application.

    Do you guys perhaps have your representatives around Alfred Nzo??

    I’m currently working under Umzimvubu district

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